Marketing Manager Service Bristol
Marketing Manager Service Bristol

Marketing Manager Service

Do you want someone to not only help you pick the right selection of activities but run them too? Then talk to us about our Marketing Manager Service.

The first stage is agreeing a strategic marketing plan – see Strategic Planning.

Then, rather than handing over the plan for you to manage yourself, I take responsibility for making things happen using trusted suppliers where relevant. All activity and costs are agreed with you beforehand with appropriate sign off of design, copy etc according to your preference (some clients like to sign everything off, others prefer to leave it with me).

If marketing were a chocolate selection box, some of the treats I’ve picked and managed for clients are below. Click on the chocolates to find out more.

If marketing were a chocolate selection box, some of the treats I’ve picked and managed for clients are below.

Working with our trusted branding partner, we can help you to create a strong brand which resonates with your target audience. Whether this involves starting from scratch with the brand name or developing a current brand we ensure your brand encapsulates your promise to your customers.

A great website will help you grow your business, but where do you start? Working with our web partner we make sure that your website engages current and potential clients by clearly (and creatively!) representing the benefit for them of what you offer. 

In addition to the research, we conduct as part of our strategic planning service, we also undertake standalone customer and market research for clients. The insights derived help develop your marketing and/or products and services so they are relevant and attractive to potential clients.

Most business know they need to be on social media in some format or another. We can help you determine how best to use social media including which platforms. We can help you set these up and get them up and running, before you take over or ask us to help you manage them ongoing.

Blogging is a key way for companies and brands to differentiate themselves in a crowded market and demonstrate their purpose and expertise. It’s also great for search! We can help get you blogging yourselves, or if required manage it for you.

Email marketing can be used in a variety of ways – from keeping current clients informed, which also helps drive referrals, to encouraging new or additional purchases amongst prospects. Working with your objectives, we can help you use email marketing effectively and in compliance with GDPR.

You can have a beautiful website, but if no-one visits it then it’s not going to drive sales. Many marketing activities can be used to drive traffic to your website, but a knowledge of how internet search works is vital. Additionally, AdWords may also be useful to drive traffic quickly if that is required.

Is your brand or personal story genuinely something people are interested in? We can help you determine this and look at how you can go about getting the message out – either helping you do this directly or bringing in a specialist PR firm if required.

Like all media, whether we suggest print advertising will depend on your target audience, their media consumption and what you’re trying to achieve. We can recommend relevant publications, negotiate prices and manage the design process if print advertising forms part of your plan.

Not every company needs a brochure, but sometimes in this digital age a well-designed piece of printed literature can create great cut-through. We work with design partners to help you develop creative impactful literature. 

Events can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal if used effectively. They offer an opportunity to get face to face with potential clients and discuss your products/services. We have helped clients attend and run events in the UK and abroad.

We have been lucky enough to work with some lovely people from brilliant companies. Often these companies want to also find a way to give back to society, and so we have set up partnerships with charities. It is also worth mentioning here that these charity partnerships can be great for PR!

In other words, using Sugar Bullet Marketing gives you all the advantages of having a Senior Marketing person onsite but with less cost and dare we say hassle!

When we approached Sugar Bullet Marketing following a recommendation, we were at a strategic crossroads for the business and wanted some advice to help us move forward. Fast forward a few years and Nicki has been instrumental in helping us to determine our positioning in the market, who to target with our marketing and how to do it, leading to significant growth in the business.

Nicki continues to drive our marketing forward, whilst managing to balance being extremely tenacious (code for ensuring she gets the answers she needs to get things done) with also being friendly and personable. I can certainly recommend (and have done), that if you are looking for senior-level marketing help on a consultancy basis then contact Nicki at Sugar Bullet.
Geoff Hazell
Director, Maxinity

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