Strategic Planning Bristol
Strategic Planning Bristol

Strategic Planning Service

The marketing plan to help you hit your marketing sweet spot will be built on strong customer and market insight, with a dose of creativity to bring it to life. My approach is a strategic one using these steps:

I want to know all about you and your business. Why did you start the business? What drives you?  What are you and the business trying to achieve?  What marketing have you previously done?  I do ask a lot of questions, but it is vital for me to really understand the business before we go further.

How do your customers perceive what you do? Often they hold the key to discovering what differentiates you from your competitors, and my aim is to get to this whether it be via email research, depth phone interviews or focus groups.

No company operates in a vacuum, so it’s really important for me to understand the market context in which you are operating. This might take the form of desk research or, depending on the industry, might involve mystery shopping your competitors too.

I help you to identify one or more target markets for your product or service. A well-defined target market is often the difference between the success and failure of a marketing plan, because if you are not targeting the right people your money will be largely wasted.

Your brand positioning summarises what you are all about and how that differs from your competitors. It lies at the core of a successful marketing plan and helps to guide both your marketing activities and your messaging. This always involves a lot of discussion!

These define what you are trying to achieve with your marketing plans. Are you trying to drive one more purchase among a sub-group of current customers? Do you want to drive consideration among a different target group? It is likely that we will identify 3-5 strategies which will then drive the activities in your marketing plan.

Strategic marketing plans are not just plucked out of the air. Instead they are the culmination of the work that has gone before, with some creativity thrown in to ensure they are both on brand and exciting. The plans detail marketing activities, timing and as far as possible costs. This is where we look at options such as advertising, social media, events, blogging and more…

So what’s next? Some clients will take the plans and manage them internally, while others decide they would like me to do it and move onto the Marketing Manager service.

Nicki’s professional experience and work ethic has provided the recommendation and platform which has driven our rebrand and new website. Her ability to draw from the comprehensive information she resourced to underpin proposals for the strategic growth of the Company has been quite astounding in the depth of analysis and in being completely on point. The process was enlightening, had real momentum and was completely enjoyable.... I can guarantee that when working with Sugar Bullet Marketing, you will be in very safe hands.
Caroline Roberts
Managing Director, Badge Base Ltd

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