Clients recommend Sugar Bullet Marketing

'We asked Nicki from Sugar Bullet to undertake a strategic piece of work to help us shape our marketing moving forward. We really liked her approach of investigating the markets we operate in and speaking to both current and target customers as well as surveying our retailers - the result of this being that when she suggested a marketing plan which involved quite big changes for the company and significant investment, we were confident that the risk was worth taking - and so it has proved so far. Sales this Christmas were up around 30%, and nearer 50% for our 6 O'clock gin brand which is the one where we are further down the line in implementing changes. Nicki showed great enthusiasm for our business and you could tell it really mattered to her that we should do well moving forward. So if you are looking for a marketing person who will work closely with you to develop your brands and their marketing for the future, then I would recommend you talk to Nicki.'
Michael Kain, Director, Bramley and Gage Ltd
Sugar Bullet Marketing was suggested to me by a colleague who recognised the size of the challenge I was facing when building my new business. Sugar Bullet took an enormous weight off my shoulders and Nicki's ideas and suggestions helped shape my entire business, not just the marketing plan and schedule. It was a great relief to know the marketing was in good hands and great shape and I could concentrate on the rest of the business.
Dom Brandon, Altitude Fitness

We employed Nicki in July 2011 to conduct a Marketing Review of the business. Prior to this we had spent many years spending a fortune with so called marketing experts who spent thousands of MY pounds to provide me with lots of useless leaflets.

Nicki’s marketing review was both thorough and refreshing. It brought to our attention where we were failing (75% of our Google Adword spend was being wasted) and from our clients point of view what we were doing well. This enabled Nicki to put forward a marketing strategy that was tailored to suit our unique business in a very competitive market place. Working on a retained basis, Nicki has been able to advise and recommend marketing activities to us.

With the help of Nicki we have been able to turn around a business that was struggling to develop leads to one that is struggling to cope with increased demand from clients wanting to talk to us. .... Nicki has been able to recommend a team of experts who have all contributed to the success of our marketing campaign. Nicki’s marketing campaign has helped us to increase turnover in 2012/13 by nearly 100% on the previous year. 

Adrian Sims, Managing Director Vent-Tech

I have used marketing consultants before who have been expensive, and put pressure on my cost base without producing long term sales benefits to my business.

Nicki is different in that she seeks to get results for you as soon as possible, having understood the structure of your business, and your marketing needs. We live in a very competitive marketplace, and the great benefit of having Nicki on your team is that she makes you think strategically, so you can compete effectively.

If you as the owner are clear on what you want from your marketing, Nicki can help you. One word that sums up her business attitude is "integrity". She will deliver you results if you implement, and even if you don't have the time, she will project manage the delivery for you.

Thanks Nicki for being on our team, and helping me deliver the right message to my clients.

James Tomkies, Managing Director, PhysioELITE

Nicki didn't have the easiest brief with me, a ghostwriter, but she researched the market thoroughly, gained testimonials on my behalf and presented me with a detailed marketing plan that I will be following very closely. I felt she got a good handle on what I do and was able to interpret this clearly, personably and creatively. I look forward to working with her again in the future

Tom Henry, Ghostwriter

Nicki took time to understand our business not just in terms of what services we provide but our brand values. The subsequent report was absolutely brilliant and worth its weight in gold to us. We now understand far better how to position ourselves in the market and having an independent professional review of our existing marketing material brought a clear insight into how we can do things better.

What I particularly loved was that this report did not recommend a whole range of expensive additions but was full of easy to achieve practical ideas which I know will help develop our business whilst staying true to all our core principals.

Sue Tumelty, Managing Director, The HR Dept

Nicki’s enthusiasm is infectious and makes you look at your own business in a 
different light, which with her guidance (and sometimes needful prodding) has put 
us on a much better path and increased sales. Quickly getting to grips with 
the individual products/market she is totally professional and is prepared to go 
the extra distance for her client. All this combines to make Sugar Bullet a 
pleasure to work with and we would not hesitate in recommending their services 
to others.

Jan Jones, Absolutely Cakes

Nicki Banks is very professional in the way that she deals with her clients and her enthusiasm is very infectious. Although my line of work as a magician is a bit unusual, Nicki quickly got to grips with the information needed to create a marketing campaign for me. She is pro-active and creative which is a big help and she efficiently deals with enquiries and contacts. The personal approach that she is able to offer makes you feel valued as a client no matter what the size of your business or project. I heartily recommend her to others

Mark Leveridge, Magician

Nicki has developed a thorough and detailed marketing strategy for HYPR, which has been used by me and my business coach to develop the business plan. She made some excellent recommendations to take the business forward and these have been implemented and have already led to increased business.

I would highly recommend Nicki to businesses that don’t have a marketing strategy in place or whose marketing is not working. She has helped me make the right decisions moving forward to support me growing the business. I highly value Nicki’s experience and expertise in the field of marketing and her great skills to come up with the right approach for each individual business.

Melissa Neill, Director, HYPR

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