Will Google Glass catch on? by Nicki Banks, 20th May 2013

Do you ever feel like Google is trying to take over your life? In the last week I have seen Twitter feeds about paying with Google, their launching a Spotify competitor and lots about Google Glass (and of course I have to mention their tax arrangements, but that's a whole other matter which I don't want to get into!).

Here's where I make an admission - I already use Google Chrome, Google Calendar and have just moved to Google Apps for business, but what about those glasses...?

I read a Blog a few days ago about why they will be great for business and how brands can take advantage - and it was pretty convincing - and yes I can see why brands would want to get involved.  But what about me, and you and the ordinary man on the street - do we really want to have infomation from our phones streamed to our rather dodgy (at the moment) looking glasses? 

For me, the answer to that is a resounding no!

Yes - I'm probably more addicted to my smartphone than is healthy (although not yet as much as my husband), but when I check it, I want to feel like that is my choice and that's where those glasses are taking it a bit too far for me at least.  If I wore them I really would feel like I had no 'escape'. I would feel as if Google were monitoring my every move - and yes I know they probably are already through all the Google services I'm signed up to, but at the moment it's not (poor pun warning) right in front of my eyes and I can choose to ignore it.

Will people buy them?  Some will almost certainly - if only to say they've got them.

Will they really catch on in any numbers? Is this the Google equivalent of the iPhone? I'm going to stick my neck out and say no even if they come down from their current ridiculous $1500 price tag.  Much as we we may be interested or even fascinated by them, I think and hope that we won't be all wearing them in a year or two's time 

But what do you think? Let me know on my Twitter, Linked-In or Google Plus

Meanwhile if you want to see the blog I was referring to earlier from someone who has a very different view - please click here


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