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9th Jun 2020 - by Nicki Banks in Marketing Strategy
Sounds like a simple question, but marketing seems to be defined differently depending on who you speak to. My personal view is that Marketing needs to sit at the centre of any business and this blog explains why.
1st May 2020 - by Nicki Banks in Customer Service, Covid-19
It's a tricky time for business, we all know that, but should we be accepting poor customer service as a necessary consequence of that?
13th Jan 2020 - by Nicki Banks in Customer Service
I received an e mail this morning.. 'Dear industry colleague, I would like to personally invite you..' I'm going to admit, that didn't make me feel particularly special. For me this is a perfect example of where a company has forgotten what for me is the first tenant of successful marketing - that it's clients are people too.
29th Jan 2016 - by Nicki Banks in Mobile
So you've shelled out what seemed like an exorbitant amount of money not long ago for a website, but it doesn't look great on a mobile phone. Is it worth spending even more money to make sure it looks good and works well on mobile devices too?
13th Jan 2016 - by Nicki Banks in Marketing Plan, Marketing Strategy
It's the beginning of the year and you're aware you should be planning your marketing activities for the next year. But where do you start?
18th Dec 2015 - by Nicki Banks in Marketing Strategy, Targeting
Do you always write briefs for any companies you work with on marketing activities from design to social media? In this blog I take a look at why briefs are so important, and what kind of thing you should be including.
22nd Jul 2013 - by Jamie Frere-Smith in
When you tell most people that you are doing a marketing placement they look at you with a look of confusion, a rather common response is, “What do you do in marketing?” I have to admit even though I had studied the subject in my business degree (which I found very interesting by the way) I wasn’t completely sure what a day in the life of a marketer looked like.
3rd Jun 2013 - by Nicki Banks in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plan
One of the things I commonly hear is 'I haven't got any money to spend on marketing' or 'I need to wait until I'm making money before I invest in marketing'. This perhaps stems from the fact that people have advertising in their head when they think about marketing and this is just a tiny part of the marketing mix. My view is that marketing should be at the very heart of a business and hence a company can't afford to not at least invest time in thinking about their marketing.
20th May 2013 - by Nicki Banks in
Do you ever feel like Google is trying to take over your life? There has been a lot of press about Google Glass in the last week - but will you or I be wearing them soon?
3rd May 2013 - by Nicki Banks in Targeting, Marketing Strategy
Having a tightly defined target market will help you gain more of the right customers for less investment - find out why

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